The latest


Wow! Long time no update! That's my fault, not yours. Don't blame yourself! Awesome news: my good friend and creator of "I Was a Teenage Wereskunk" is shooting another film and I'm going to be in it! We start shooting next week!


Incredible news! I've been nominated for a Webby for Best Host of a Podcast! How crazy is that?! Listen to 'Important, Not Important' wherever you listen to podcasts! And vote for us to win!


New headshots are here! Check them out in the "Pics" section and cross your fingers that they land me huge roles in Netflix shows!


My friends at MATh have invited my good friend Josh and I to collaborate on a commercial again! We pitched them a really cool idea and we're excited to make stuff! Updated coming soon!


Wardrobe fitting today for my fourth commercial in as many months! That makes six for the year. Not bad, 2018!


I am now represented theatrically! Very happy to be working with fellow midwesterner, Elton Bolden at Tilmar!


Hooray! I just booked my fifth commercial of the year! This is fun!


Agent just called… booked another commercial! Whoop, whoop! Shoots this week :)


My dear friends' web series "Fix Your Life" is live! Check out episode 1 on the "VIDS" page now. I'm in it!


Shot a beer commercial today! Be on the lookout for this mug!


Great meeting with the MATh team about working together on passion projects! Here’s to a bright future with those guys!